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RayPanel is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) application developed to use RX1200 as a high-performance digital MCA for scintillation detectors. Using the RX1200 programmed with the RayCode, the user will be able to graphically set various operational and processing parameters including input offset, ADC offset, trigger threshold, amplification gain, DAC output (to adjust detector high voltage power supply) collection time (real time or live time), pulse integration time, scintillation type, region of interest, energy calibration, programming file path and more.

In the RayPanel, detector pulses can be monitored easily using Scope panel. Before collecting energy spectrum in the MCA panel, user can run the RX1200 in Scope mode to make sure that the detector pulses are in appropriate amplitude and offset. The user can set pulse capture parameters such as Trigger Threshold, Amplification Gain, Input Offset , and ADC Offset on this panel. The Scope panel displays 1024 samples (5,120 nanoseconds when programmed with RayCode firmware) from the captured pulses. Except for Trigger Threshold which can be set from 0 to 65535, other parameters in the Scope panel can be set from 0 to 4095.

The pulse height spectrum can be collected and displayed in MCA panel . The panel can be expanded by clicking on "Expand On" button. Two other buttons, Zoom In and Zoom Out, are also provided at the top of this panel to zoom in or zoom out the expanded MCA panel.

Counting information such as Real Time, Live Time, Channel number, Energy, Counts, and ROI Counts are displayed in the MCA’s control panel (left side of MCA panel). With the “Auto” check box selected in the “Display Scale”, the vertical axis of spectrum will be scaled up automatically. By checking the “Log” check box, the spectrum is displayed in logarithmic scale. Collection time, in seconds, for an MCA run can be entered at the bottom of the MCA’s control panel. Here, the user has a choice to select either Real Time or Live Time styles for the MCA collection time. The “START” and “STOP” buttons start and stop the MCA, respectively. “Clear” button clears the content of MCA histogram.

The RX1200 User's Manual provides more information about the RayPanel application software.


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